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Arma Yapı; is always with you as a solution partner for PVC, Aluminum and Wooden window and door manufacturers with their rich product portfolio containing mechanical & electronic door and window equipments.


Who are we?

Arma Yapı Sistemleri aims to be a brand in the sector by ;

– Providing high quality products and services to its customers,

– Diversifying the product range both in the domestic market,

– Increasing its competitive power and market share in export markets,

– Creating customer, employee, supplier and employer happiness,

– Caring about the environment-occupational health and safety,

– Keeping the principle of efficient use of energy and natural resources.


To ensure the use of high quality, reliable and innovative products in projects in Turkey and in the countries where we operate.

misyonOur Mission

To establish a long-lasting solution partnership with everyone who cooperates with Arma Yapı, based on understanding the needs, producing the right solutions and aiming at absolute success, based on satisfaction.


Respect and devotion

We do our job in the most accurate, right and wholehearted way.

We make clear promises, fulfill them with high efficiency and report the results.

We constantly improve ourselves and our colleagues.

We act honestly, transparently and consistently in all our relationships, thus establishing long-term relationships based on trust.

To be “us”

Our first and common goal is to satisfy our customers; We support each other for this purpose and appreciate the support given to us.

We care about and support individual performance as well as team and corporate performance.

In all our communications, we first listen and understand the needs.

We trust each other and respect each other’s expertise.

We make our decisions by considering the whole and evaluating its effects on the whole.

As Arma Yapı, we protect each other, our society and the environment.


We evaluate, create and tell the most effective solution consistently instead of negative approaches.

In cases where standard solutions cannot meet different needs, we rapidly produce the most appropriate solutions by using our knowledge, experience, relationships and technology.

We develop new ideas to make our customers’ and each other’s lives easier and take action to bring these ideas to life.


We embrace change; We know that everyone, including ourselves, must do their part for change to come to life in the fastest and trouble-free way.

We rationally defend the ideas, we believe to be correct, and work constructively to bring them to life.

Our brands

Thanks to wide range of products, Arma Yapı becomes stronger by offering the best quality product groups with the best service policy with the solution partners

Our most important reference is our happy solution partners who gladly support us as we proceed on our way.