Case Wing Scissors





Product Features

Front Grip on Wide Wings;
Wing Scissor group helps to easily close the 25mm front wing by grasping the non-closing problem, which is frequently seen in wide wings, thanks to its front grip feature. (See Figure 1)
Movement Limitation;
With Rear Locking, the End Support Piece on the Wing Scissors enables the Restriction of the Rear Locking’s Right-Left, Up-Down movement as shown in “Figure 2”.
Extra screwdriving;
As shown in “Figure 3-4”, it can be fixed to the profile by screwing the rear lock from the tip to the fornax product, independently of the Wing Scissors. Thus, it limits the movement of Rear Locking Right-Left and Up-Down.
corner connecting;
Standard, narrow, pin with security, security narrow, ventilater, it use with double pin corner transmission (see catalog page 30)
if use Standard series corner tranmission; sash lenght min: 395mm
if use narrow corner transmiison: sash sash lenght Min. 286mm
hinges connector;
for stay harm hinge conneting; 9-20 mm, 10-20 mm, 13-20 mm, 14-22 mm, 13-22 mm, it can be connecting stay arm. (see catalog page 46)
Extra Locking
My hardware supports the thermal insulation by allowing the addition of additional locking.
Gasket Pressure Adjustment;
Provides ± 0.8 mm diameter gasket pressure adjustment possibility
It saves time with easy assembly.
3,9×25 YHB Sparse Threaded Espagnolette Screw Code: 449.339.025.001
It has long-lasting corrosion protection with YelkenCoat coating
Conforms to TSE Standards.

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